About Busy Protocol Coin

Busy Protocol price today is N/A with a 24-hour trading volume of ?. It has a circulating supply of BUSY coins and a max supply of 950 Thousand.

At Busy Protocol we believe that proliferation of assets is the lifeblood of blockchain. Blockchains that get monopolized over time, wither. These that remain in constant flux of assets, where no party can permanently establish itself as a top hand, flourish. Such decentralization can only be obtained by self-interest of majority of the players.

To facilitate true decentralization, Busy Protocol blockchain will implement random spreading of assets using minting mechanism. Part of each block reward will be randomly awarded to any wallet containing set minimum of tokens from the pool of 80% of the wallets with smaller amount of assets on the blockchain. That measure is taken to assure maximum initial spread possible. The decentralization factor is what really roots the blockchain as an accessible tool for the public. Unfortunately, too many fine cryptocurrencies are monopolized by small amount of large wallets, with price manipulated to the disadvantage of others.

Busy Protocol blockchain will probably operate at first on Tendermint and Ethereum, and further will maybe expand to Polkadot and Solana ecosystems. This cross-chain policy enables maximum outreach, and access of different tokens/asset classes into the ecosystem. As such Busy Protocol will perform as DeFi Super-agent, allowing Lending services at user defined rates, Staking that will peg the token value to the value of assets staked on Busy Protocol blockchain, and Yield Farming. All of that will be encompassed within Proof-Of-stake mintable Stabletoken, that will increase its amount depending on the amount of assets tied within the ecosystem. Obviously, such solution reward early adoption, yet later users will still be rewarded for simply being on a chain with a required set minimum of assets, by having part of the block reward randomly transferred to smaller wallets. Busy Protocol uses will extend as a tender for microtransactions, an providing agnostic decentralized Oracles service to any willing parties through API sockets.

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