About DFI.money Coin

DFI.money price today is $1,815.18 with a 24-hour trading volume of $91,949,802. YFII price is down -4.6% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 40 Thousand YFII coins and a max supply of 40 Thousand. Binance is the current most active market trading it.

What is DFI.Money?

DFi.Money, originally known as YFII, is a yield farming aggregator. This project is a fork of yearn.finance, but with Yearn Improvement Proposal 8, or YIP-8 implemented. This means that unlike the original YFI protocol, DFI.Money halves the weekly supply of governance tokens. The governance token can be obtained through yield-farming.

What are YFII tokens?

YFII tokens are DFI.Money’s native governance tokens. As the protocol is developed further, YFII tokens will be used to shape the protocol’s future. YFII tokens can be staked to earn the protocol’s fees in the form of more YFII tokens.

The total supply of YFII is 40,000 and has been completely distributed over a 10 week period. Using a weekly halving basis, 20,000 tokens were emitted in the first week, distributed equally to stakers in both yCRV pools and YFII-BAL liquidity pools. 

yCRV could be obtained by depositing liquidity in Curve Finance’s yPool, and YFII-BAL pool tokens are obtained by providing liquidity to the 98% / 2% YFII-BAL pool on Balancer.

How does DFI.Money work?

YFII is a yield aggregator for cryptocurrency assets that aims to achieve the highest yield using a set of yield farming strategies. These yield farming strategies can be developed by anyone to be voted upon. The strategies with the highest votes from the community will be implemented. 

Users can choose to deposit a wide range of assets, including stablecoins and Ether, into any one of DFI.Money’s vaults. Once a deposit has been made, users will receive a corresponding amount of iTokens which represent their claim on the assets deposited. The iTokens will bear interest, allowing users to receive more assets than they have deposited upon withdrawal.

The iTokens do not need to be redeemed and can be exchanged on the market. The price of iTokens with respect to the original asset (for example iUSDT to USDT) is always above 1 and will continue increasing as the vault continues to generate yield. They can also be further staked into other yield-farming programs to earn even more returns.

How do I get YFII tokens?

You can obtain YFII tokens by purchasing them from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Uniswap or Binance

Besides that, you can still earn YFII tokens through staking on the DFI.Money platform. Users can stake their existing YFII into the available pools to earn more YFII. To know more about this and other yield farming programs, you may head over to our Yield Farming page.

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